PROMOTION RULES "5% discount on battery/mod, 5% discount on accessories, 5% discount on coils" Promotion for wholesalers


1. These regulations (Regulations) define the terms and conditions of the shopping promotion for clients of the DJDP wholesale stores (Promotion).

2. The Promoter of the Promotion is: DJDP SP. Z O.O. with headquarters in Sosnowiec,st. Dęblińskiej 6, KRS 0000704279, NIP: 6443518897. Hereinafter referred to as the Organizer.

3. The promotion takes place in the European Union on the website

4. The promotion starts on 30.07.2018 and lasts until it is canceled by the promoter.

5. The promotion concerns the purchase of all products from the battery/mod category every Monday, accessories category every Wednesday and coils category every Friday.

6. A Participant of the Promotion may be a legal person who runs a commercial business and purchases at the DJDP wholesale warehouse (Participant).

7. The condition of the Participant's participation in the Promotion is to be a DJDP customer and make purchases on a selected day of the week at a minimum 250 euro including tax. Shipping costs are not including.

8. The discount is calculated automatically when placing the order and can be seen in the customer's basket before finalizing the order under the amount of the order.

9. The Promoter reserves the right not to grant a discount to Participants who do not meet the requirements set out in these Regulations.


1. A participant who during the Program Duration purchases the Organizer's assortment in a given amount and assortment has the right to receive the rebate.

2. The participant is entitled to a discount only if it meets at least 100% of the purchase goal expressed in terms of amount, which is 250 euro gross, not including shipping costs when placing a single order through a trading platform. Orders placed during the day by the customer will not be added up in order to obtain the purchase goal expressed in amount.

3. The discount is calculated automatically, at given day for a given assortment, it is not possible to add discounts during the week.

4. If the participant accomplishes the shopping goal many times - that is, several times he will make an order fulfilling the promotion conditions during the day including the product range - each time he is entitled to a discount.

5. The order may contain different products, but only the product from the given day will be covered by a discount.

6. The duration of the Promotion starts on 30/07/2018 and continues until it is canceled by the promoter.


1. Promotion, the terms of which have been determined with these Regulations, is not a game of chance, a raffle, a mutual bet or a promotional lottery, the result of which depends on the case within the meaning of art. 2 of the Act of 29 July 1992 on games of chance and mutual wagering (Journal of Laws of 2004, No. 4, item 27, as amended).

2. The organizer reserves the right to exclude the Customer from the Promotion at any time.

3. The Organizer will exclude the Participant in particular when:

- there is a suspicion that the customer orders certain products for speculative purposes and not for the purpose of purchasing them.

4. The competent court to consider any disputes that may arise during the competition and after its completion is the court competent local and substantive for the seat of the Organizer.

5. To the extent not covered in these Regulations, applicable provisions of the generally applicable law, including the Civil Law.